Munitions Response and
Range Clearance Services

The Oneida ESC Group provides safe, comprehensive, worldwide Munitions Response Services (MRS) and Operational Range Clearance (ORC) to our federal and commercial customers. For many projects, we combine our MRS/ORC activities with environmental remediation for munitions residue and processed/certified metals recycling for integrated, single-source, cost-effective services.

We design and implement our MRS/ORC services using conventional technology and advanced digital geophysical mapping techniques tailored to meet our customers’ needs with exceptional project delivery by qualified Project Managers, Senior UXO Supervisors, UXO Safety/QC Specialists, and trained UXO technicians who have safely conducted munitions-related services for over 30 years in the military and commercial worlds.

We often coordinate our MRS/ORC work to support ongoing site investigation and construction work where we collaborate to meet constrained and complicated schedules, adaptively using our field know-how to enhance overall safety and workflow to increase overall efficiency.

We hold a current Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) Explosives Manufacturing License, and we can place and stock ATF Type II portable magazines or arrange for on-call delivery of explosives to job sites. Our MRS/ORC services include:

  • MEC Investigation

  • MEC Remediation

  • MEC Disposal

  • Range Clearance

  • Geophysical Investigation

  • Construction Support

  • Underwater UXO Support