Environmental Services

To meet our customers’ needs, we provide environmental services to support data-driven decisions and compliance. Our scientists specialize in natural resource evaluations, ecological studies, T&E species studies, watershed analyses, environmental and biological assessments, and risk assessments.

We perform wetland delineation, assessment, and restoration. We design and manage construction of sustainable wetlands to restore aquatic ecosystems, establish native plant communities, and eradicate invasive species.

The Oneida ESC Group supports public involvement needs by organizing public meetings, addressing public comments, and explaining complex environmental and civil issues. Often, we interview community members and coordinate among multiple agencies, stakeholders, and the public.

We conduct ecological and human health risk assessments using EPA methods as well as in-house expertise to evaluate potential exposures. We perform vulnerability assessments using advanced geospatial statistical modeling to address issues related to regional land use, invasive species, and climate change.

The Oneida ESC Group uses Esri ArcGIS products, with support from in-house survey and CADD teams, providing spatial data collection, transformation, analysis, and visual presentation to enhance understanding of complex information. We provide the following environmental services:

  • Natural Resource Studies

  • Environmental and Biological Assessments

  • Wetland Assessment, Design, Construction, and Restoration

  • Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessment

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Environmental Compliance

  • GIS Data Management