Private Property Infiltration & Inflow Workshop shares inspection method

Featured speakers present Wet Weather CCTV Inspection, left to right: David Moore, Jerome Flogel, PE, Mike Hemmingsen, PE, Tim Reinbold, PE, and Becky Specht, PE

MILWAUKEE, WI / Oneida ESC Group of companies’ OTIE (Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises) co-presented in a recent workshop with MMSD (Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District). The presentation on Wet Weather CCTV Inspection was part of MMSD’s 4th Annual Private Property Infiltration & Inflow (PPII) Workshop and shared the challenges and perspectives of the CCTV Inspection method.
Annual meetings focus on lessons learned, program requirements and clarifications, and best practices in the field.

Featured speakers include OTIE’s: Tim Reinbold, PE, David Moore, and Mike Hemmingsen, PE; MMSD’s: Jerome Flogel, PE, and Becky Specht, PE.

Photo credit: MMSD

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