Native-Owned Bridge Inspections Completed

A span in the Northwest Region, Makah Tribe, Wo-Atch River, WA. The bridge is a concrete Stringer/MultiBeam, measuring 53.6m (almost 176 feet.)

MADISON, WI / Since 2021, the OES team conducted on-site inspections of 665 In-service bridges in twelve Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Regions for the FY21 and FY22 inspection cycles. The work involved coordination with BIA Regions across 20+ states and over 80 tribes.

Work efforts included planning/coordinating/scheduling of field inspections, obtaining as-built plans and drawings, pre-inspection discussions and/or on-site meetings to obtain access permits, post-inspection meetings to notify key personnel of conditions found during inspection, any operational restrictions, discuss possible repair recommendations. Structure Inventory and Appraisal (SI&A) forms were created/updated and entered into BIA Bridge Management System (BMS) database to update the FHWA National Bridge Inventory (NBI). Load Ratings were conducted on all new, modified, damaged or deteriorated bridges.

This program included multiple phases, with Phase I (Base-Year) inspecting 500 bridges and Phase II (OY-1) inspecting 165 Native-owned bridges for eight BIA Regions throughout the United States.

Western Region, Colorado River Tribe, Colorado River, AZ.

Prestressed Concrete Continuous Bridge

Northwest Region, Metlakatla-Annett Tribe, Bennet Creek, AK.

Modular Steel Girder Units Bridge

Navajo Region, Navajo (Shiprock) Tribe, Wash, AZ.

Corrugated Metal Pipe Culverts Bridge

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