The 2018 LPGA Classic was held at Thornberry Creek from July 3 to 8, 2018 in Oneida, WI. This year’s tournament was exciting and saw a memorable, record-setting performance from Sei Young Kim.

Leading up to the Classic, in its second year at Thornberry, MS2 assisted with site improvements to expand the putting green and driving range, provided construction oversight for a new cart storage facility, and performed improvements needed to allow use of the lower level of the existing facility.

In addition, MS2’s parent company, Oneida ESC Group, was proud to sponsor the Military Pavilion for veterans and their families at the 14th hole. The pavilion was behind the green—a vantage point that allowed veterans and their guests to view play over the entire hole, including the tee. With just a few short steps, they could watch the tee shots on the 10th, or watch players bomb away, teeing off on the 15th hole. Or they could sit in the shaded stands and watch the action on the 9th green.
MS2 and Oneida ESC Group look forward to continuing our work and support of Thornberry Creek for next year’s LPGA Classic.