Remediation and Restoration Services

The Oneida ESC Group delivers environmental remediation and restoration services across the regulatory spectrum for federal agencies and commercial customers with cost-effective innovative and traditional technologies to achieve site resolution and accelerate closure.

We meet our customers’ needs spanning all remediation and restoration services—from initial conceptual planning through investigations, data analysis, technology testing, design, construction, system start-up, long-term O&M/optimization, and site restoration. We execute work at multiple active DoD installations in the CONUS and OCONUS where we align with all security protocols as well as coordinate and communicate with base authorities and other ongoing operations. With over 25 years of experience serving DoD, EPA and other civilian agencies, we know how to deliver work at federal facilities.

We are responsive to our customers’ operating environment, regulatory demands, approval mechanisms, communication protocols, and public involvement duties.

And we strive to anticipate our customers’ needs with businesslike care for safety, quality, cost/schedule control, and outstanding technical performance. Our environmental remediation and restoration services include:

  • RI/FS and RFI/CMS

  • Risk Assessment

  • Pilot/Treatability Testing

  • Remedial Design

  • Remedial Action

  • Removal Actions

  • O&M and Optimization

  • Habitat Restoration

  • Negotiations Support