Time Critical Removal Action, Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, IL

SRS is the prime contractor managing multiple, concurrent projects involving hazardous site investigations, soil gas and radiological surveys, monitoring well abandonments, and providing technical support for multiple National Priority List (NPL) sites at Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge (CONWR). Beginning with World War II, some parts of the Refuge were used for ordnance and other defense manufacturing activities that resulted in soil and groundwater contamination.

SRS implemented a Time Critical Removal Action to prevent further releases of hazardous substances in to the environment from Cadmium Building S-2-5 and to prevent direct contact exposure through site security enhancements. This action was a temporary measure until the building and surrounding soil is remediated. Building S-2-5 was constructed in the early 1940s and was once used by metal plating businesses, resulting in high concentrations of cadmium dust on inside structures and high concentrations of cadmium on surrounding soils.