Benefits to the Oneida Nation

SRS and our sister companies, as subsidiaries of Oneida ESC Group, contribute to the financial well-being of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin to maintain beneficial social functions such as education, emergency services, infrastructure, elder housing, and cultural preservation. The Oneida ESC Group contributes to many community and educational outreach programs of the Oneida Nation:

  • College scholarship awards and student internships with OESC companies
  • Youth engineering camp opportunities at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC)
  • A “Giving Fund” for Oneida veterans for a new flag project for the Veterans Building, a fundraising event for the Oneida Veterans Chapter, and a Code Talkers Day Golf Outing
  • Oneida Elder Services exercise programs
  • Woodland Indian Art Show sponsorship

In addition, our companies offer career paths in engineering, science, construction, and related administrative fields for qualified Oneida Nation members and aspiring Oneida children who wish to pursue technical education and grow professionally within their tribally-owned enterprise.

To learn more about the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, visit their page at

Turtle School - Oneida Nation of Wisconsin

Oneida Nation of Wisconsin Turtle School