SRS is dedicated to providing quality customer service, consistent with all companies within the Oneida ESC Group.


To enhance natural and constructed environments through preservation and restoration for our customers, our employees, and the generations to come by delivering successful projects while focused on safety and quality.


To be an agile and high-performing sustainment and restoration services provider with a reputation for reliability and innovation for our customers worldwide. Oneida ESC Group’s vision is guided through our values of:

  • Seeking customers who value innovative, effective solutions provided with integrity and quality
  • Recruiting and engaging employees who know the importance of collaboration and diversity to achieve superior performance
  • Growing our companies by returning value to our customers and shareholders, and promoting exceptional opportunities for our people

Our vision of sustainability is in harmony with the core Seven Generation philosophy of the Oneida Nation, which holds that major decisions be evaluated in terms of their economic, social, and physical effects on people seven generations removed from now, a 150-year forward-looking horizon.