Independent External Peer Review for GLMRIS at Brandon Road Lock and Dam, Joliet, IL

SRS contributed to an Independent External Peer Review of the Draft Decision Document for the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study (GLMRIS) – Brandon Road Report. The report is a feasibility study based upon the foundation of the GLMRIS Report. The purpose of the GLMRIS is to evaluate structural and nonstructural options and technologies near the Brandon Road Lock and Dam site, with the goal of establishing a single control point to prevent the upstream transfer of aquatic nuisance species from the Mississippi River Basin into the Great Lakes Basin, to the maximum extent possible, while minimizing impacts to existing waterways uses and users.

Peer reviews evaluate the clarity of hypotheses, validity of the research design, quality of data collection procedures, robustness of the methods employed, appropriateness of the methods for the hypotheses being tested, extent to which the conclusions follow from the analysis, and strengths and limitations of the overall product.

SRS reviewed the main Environmental Impact Statement documents, participated in panel reviews, and assisted in preparing responses to 450 public comments.