Excavation of Contaminated Soils at WP013, Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA

SRS implemented a remedial action (RA) for Installation Restoration Project (IRP) Site WP013 at Vandenberg AFB, CA. Previous investigations and RAs identified PCBs, metals, and dioxins/furans as contaminants of concern from launch maintenance activities. These contaminants have impacted soils near three former launch facilities that make up Site WP013.

Historically the launch structures were coated with PCB-bearing paint. These were sandblasted and repainted numerous times over a 30-year span. Site soils were found to have PCBs at levels triggering Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) rules. USACE LA selected SRS to excavate soil with contaminants above cleanup goals and monitor institutional controls to progress towards site closure.

SRS’s work included but was not limited to:

  • Data gap soil sampling and analysis
  • Design of excavation approaches to minimize soil volumes while protecting culturally sensitive Native American Chumash archaeological sites and Buckwheat/El Segundo Butterfly habitat
  • Grubbing and excavation activities of 14,000 tons of contaminated soil across 3.1 acres
  • Collection and analysis of 225 confirmation soil samples
  • Construction of a centralized waste stockpile compound with four segregated sub-areas for each type of soil waste stream
  • Backfill, compaction, grading, and hydro-seeding of excavated areas
  • Statistical analysis of confirmation data to compare with the ecological risk goals based on the Bewick’s Wren