Abandoned Sewer Line Survey and Radiological Surveys, Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, IL

SRS is the prime contractor managing multiple, concurrent projects at Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge (CONWR). Beginning with World War II, some parts of the Refuge were used for ordnance and other defense manufacturing activities that resulted in soil and groundwater contamination. SRS’s work related to site investigations, remediation, and restoration includes:

SRS performed an environmental assessment of an abandoned sewer line for its role, if any, in transporting PCE gases to other parts of the refuge—home to rich wildlife and habitat. The sewer line originally serviced former munition buildings and was adjacent to a PCE-contaminated groundwater plume at the refuge. Prior to conducting field activities, SRS prepared a Work Plan that included a sampling plan and a site-specific Health and Safety Plan.

SRS also investigated radiological exposure threats at five Additional and Uncharacterized Site areas. Our scope for this investigation was to identify radiological exposure threats resulting from historical use of depleted uranium. Based on historical information reviews, depleted uranium was associated with some operations and may still be present in current or former building footprints and burial locations.