Upgrade and Modify Energy Management Control System, Naval Station Great Lakes, IL

MS2 managed upgrades and modifications to an existing energy management control system in four buildings at the Lovell Federal Health Care Center at Naval Station Great Lakes. The upgrades involved converting existing pneumatic controls for 10 air handling units (AHUs) in seven buildings to new state-of-the-art electronic controls and tying them into the new DDC system.

MS2 installed new air sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, and damper actuators, all of which were into the main computer control system. The work included shutting down the heating and cooling systems to perform the tie-ins; therefore, all work was done during off-hours. Two of the AHUs controlled air in major operating rooms, so MS2 scheduled the work at night to avoid disrupting daily hospital operations. In addition, replacement of the existing controls in 50 patient rooms required phasing of the work and detailed coordination with hospital staff to accommodate patients in temporary rooms. The MS2 team met daily with hospital staff to coordinate this work with great success and minimal disruption to staff and patients.