Clean and Repair HVAC, Ceiling, and Lighting at Building 3725, NAS Pensacola Corry Field Station

MS2 was retained to manage the facility upgrades to Corry Field Station, an active NEX facility that is open 7 days week from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Our main goal for the project was to minimize the impact of the daily store operations due to construction activities on the NEX and to minimize our physical appearance within the NEX and their customers. In order to achieve this goal, MS2 met with NEX to plan and implement the project as follows:

  • MS2 delayed the start of the project 6 weeks until after the winter holidays so the project would not affect their seasonal revenue.
  • MS2 separated the project into 12 phases to minimize the retail/sales floor space impacted.
  • MS2 erected barriers to protect the customers and to enclose the work area for an aesthetic appearance.
  • The NEX management wanted the jewelry department to stay open during normal store hours, so MS2 worked at night in this department after the NEX closed.

MS2 performed all project/construction management, scheduling, superintendence, quality control, and site safety and health responsibilities for successful project completion. Additionally, MS2 provided general laborer duties during on-site general construction activities, which included replacement of 50,000 SF of drop ceiling, LED lighting, ductwork, electrical repairs, testing and balancing for 12 HVAC system units, and new emergency lights and circuits.