Repair Beach Erosion from Hurricane Sandy, Patrick Air Force Base

The shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean at Patrick Air Force Base suffered extensive erosion from Hurricane Sandy and needed to be repaired to protect military assets in Central Florida. Under an 8(a) sole source contract with the US Air Force, MS2 provided project management, coordination, administration, and permitting obtaining required permits to restore the beach dune. MS2 provided quality control, including testing and safety officer, and managed the workaround military schedule requirements, such as satellite launches.

MS2 led a team consisting of a survey firm, a design firm, and a construction contractor to makes the needed repairs. The design firm prepared drawings indicating where the sand could be removed at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and designed a FEMA-type berm where the sand would be placed on the beach at Patrick AFB with native plantings to aid beach stabilization. Based on these drawings the surveyor staked both the borrow area and the placement areas. Approximately 17,000 cubic yards of beach-quality sand was excavated and hauled by truck to Patrick AFB from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station borrow source, approximately 13 miles away.

To avoid disturbing the dunes during the turtle nesting season, environmental construction was conducted from early November to late April. Construction was monitored by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Base’s Environmental Department.