New Emergency Generators at Four Border Patrol Locations

MS2 managed the installation of new standby generators and automatic transfer switches (ATS) at the North Border Patrol Station, Laredo, TX and the Border Patrol Traffic Checkpoints at Highway 359, Bruni, TX; Highway 59, Freer, TX; and Highway 16, Hebbronville, TX.

The Laredo North Border Patrol Station installation included replacement of existing equipment. The three traffic checkpoints did not originally have existing back-up generators. The new generators have the capability to provide automatic standby electrical power to the associated facilities for up to 72 hours based on the new fuel tank capacities. MS2 managed the construction of concrete pad foundations and all associated electrical wiring to connect the new generators to the existing electrical service boxes. MS2 completed the site work, underground electrical, and concrete pads at the three traffic checkpoints while the generators were being manufactured.

Because the new 72-hour fuel tank is much larger than the existing generator footprint at the Laredo North Border Patrol Station, the concrete deck and pad had to be expanded. This work was completed with the existing generator still in place and functional. Following seven days for curing of the new concrete, the existing generator was removed and the new generator and equipment installed and commissioned during a scheduled outage. With a generator manufacturer’s representative on site, the three checkpoint generators were commissioned the same week.