Safety and Quality Management

OTIE uses the Safety and Quality Management Programs developed and supported by OESC, which supports all of the Oneida ESC Group companies with consistent corporate services.

Developed over the past 20 years and continuously updated, our mature, in-place Safety and Quality Management Programs are supported by the Oneida ESC Group and are compliant with regulatory requirements and contract guidance. Our safety and quality programs are interrelated and reflect our commitment to safe work practices, to meeting customer needs, to best practices and continuous improvement, and to teamwork in finding practical, adaptive, and safe solutions to ever-changing field conditions. We recognize the superimposed relationship between safety and quality as a central tenet of our commitment to customer service.

Our safety management professionals have CIH or CSP credentials as well as required OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPER training, OSHA 30-Hour Construction Trainer and 8-Hour Supervisor qualifications, First Aid/CPR, and specialized UXO safety (UXOSO) training in accordance with DDESB TP 18. Within our quality program, our field QC professionals have USACE Construction Quality Management for Contractors certificates and our MMRP quality staff are fully-qualified for UXO QC operations in accordance with DDESB TP 18.

Our Corporate Safety and Quality Programs are characterized by the following features:

  • Our “Good Catch” safety and quality procedures for our employees and our “Extended Catch” procedures that apply the Good Catch program principles to our subcontractors
  • Awareness and accountability instilled with new hire orientations that detail expectations for compliance, essentials of our culture, and commitment to safety and quality as the keys to high performance
  • Awareness of our baseline quality 30-60- 90 practices as our creative solution to obtaining overall buy-in and consistency across the diverse range of service and work activity offerings
  • Building-in the Operational Risk Management conceptual frameworks into each Safety Plan and Activity Hazard Analysis

Safety is our first priority. Oneida ESC offers a safety recognition and incentive program for employees that has helped us maintain our excellent H&S record.

Safety & Quality Management with OTIE Workers