Walker’s Square Welding Lab, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee, WI

When Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) needed new space for their welding laboratory, they selected OTIE for the electrical, mechanical, and structural design. We designed an innovative solution to create 19 flexible, uncluttered welding booths, each with two welders and metal-working machines. We used a Starline Busway System, originally designed to provide flexibility in switching out equipment in data centers. To achieve this same type of flexibility, we mounted the busway system along the front of the welding booths—each connection point can be moved anywhere along this busway (similar to how you would move track lights in your home). Our solution reduced installation labor cost because the busway is a single-point feed, instead of 19 sets of conduit feeds, disconnect switches, and welding receptacles.

To feed the space, our electrical engineers designed a new substation that used a new 1500kVA, 13.2kV transformer and new 2000A switchboards. MATC can now de-commission two aged substations and move all building loads to this new substation to improve reliability and safety and allow for future growth.

OTIE’s structural engineers designed the substation platform and structure for new rooftop air handling equipment. Our mechanical engineers designed the welding gas distribution and welding station exhaust systems.