Remedial Action at IRP Site 24, Site 1, Naval Base Ventura County, CA

Self-performed remedial actions, including construction of a 12-acre landfill cap and clean–closure (reclamation) of 3.5 acres for conversion to saline wetlands. Reclamation of the 3.5 acres involved excavation of 46,000 tons of landfill waste and segregation of waste for use as either cap foundation layer or offsite disposal.

During cap construction, NBVC requested NAVFAC to convert the 12-acre cap area into an RV Storage Area. Responded rapidly with CAD drawings, specifications, submittal packages, and Construction Quality Management (CQM) documentation for installation of: roads, drainage, firefighting utilities, electrical utilities for lighting and security, security entrance with video surveillance, solar field lighting, parking layout design for 518 RV stalls, and line painting. Received commendations for providing concise and efficient submittal packages that saved review time. Project highlights include:

  • Constructed a 12-acre landfill cap
  • Excavated 46,000 tons of landfill waste
  • Removed/disposed of 3,500 tons of soil, drums, and medical waste
  • Managed seven UXO/MEC emergency responses
  • Performed air monitoring for aerosols and VOCs
  • Converted the 12-acre cap area into an RV storage area