Biosolids Recycling Facility Vitrification Decommissioning, North Shore Water Reclamation District, Gurnee, IL

The North Shore Water Reclamation District (NSWRD) provides wastewater collection and treatment services for the eastern portion of Lake County in northern Illinois. Due to renovations at the Biosolids Recycling Facility, the sludge melter and its peripheral equipment were slated for demolition and removal.

OTIE provided engineering services during the decommissioning of the vitrification equipment and appurtenances. OTIE provided review of required submittals, oversight of the dismantling and cleaning process, answered questions from the contractor, addressed change orders, and coordinate with the facility owner. Efforts included sampling and testing of wastes and monitoring of conditions during construction to ensure compliance with the requirements of the contract documents. OTIE also conducted periodic air quality sampling at the facility to assess dust quantities and levels outside the exclusion zone created to isolate waste materials and remove them under controlled conditions.