Jeff brings 30 years of experience in electrical engineering and construction management to the electrical team in our Milwaukee office. He is a licensed Designer of Engineering Systems – Electrical in Wisconsin.

Jeff’s design experience ranges from small low voltage projects to 24.9 KV systems that supply power to wastewater treatment plants. His recent project experience includes lighting, power, and communications systems for water and wastewater facilities, industrial facilities, and marine transfer stations. His work portfolio also encompasses electrical design for cultural and institutional customers, such as the lighting and power design for the pedestrian bridge, walkways, and boat docks for the only Wisconsin state park—Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee—in an urban setting.

Jeff also holds both a copyright and a patent for real-time, web-based facility system databases for electrical systems. This gives facility operators the ability to view unlimited electrical information at any time in a secure setting. Smart devices are currently being developed to link various sensors on power systems to provide an ongoing status of the transformers, electrical distribution equipment, power feeders and more. Jeff’s work has taken this concept to another level, collaborating with an open protocol Cloud-based company to retrieve analytics of various Internet of Things (IoT) devices and link that information back to the web-based database to create a dynamic system. Ultimately, this allows clients to see how much they save in dollars on a daily basis through greater control of system settings.

Please join us in welcoming Jeff to the OTIE team!

Contact: Jeff Gawronski | (414) 607-6761 |