USH 18, Cambridge – Jefferson, USH 12 to SH 26, Jefferson County, WI

OES engineers completed the design for the rehabilitation of 9.3 miles of rural highway. The project was a fast-tracked, preventive maintenance project to mill and overlay the existing asphaltic surface, regrade the gravel shoulders, and replace permanent signing. In addition, OES staff identified spot locations with wheel path rutting and transverse cracking for full depth pavement milling and replacement.

Project deliverables included a Categorical Exclusion Checklist, Transportation Management Plan, abbreviated Design Study Report, and all plans, specifications and estimates.

OES staff were able to meet the Department’s accelerated time schedule for this project, and provided completed plans, specifications, and estimate in less than three months. This fast-tracked schedule allowed the project to be let and constructed within 10 months of the PS&E submittal.