USH 141 Reconstruction, City of Niagara, WI

OES engineers completed design plans for the resurfacing and reconstruction of nearly five miles of USH 141 in Marinette County, WI. The project consisted of both rural and urban highway segments, as well as coordination for reconstruction of the bridge over the Menominee River that links Wisconsin to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Urban Segment: OES engineers designed the urban project involving the reconstruction of 3.1 miles of USH 141 in the City of Niagara. This segment of USH 141 plays a vital role in the local economy as it passes through the central business district of Niagara. We strategically phased construction of the roadway, sidewalks, driveway openings, and side roads to minimize impacts to local businesses and motorists. The design plans also included replacement of storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main along the length of the entire project. OES engineers reduced sediment in storm water runoff by maintaining drainage ditches behind the curb and gutter.

Rural Segment: OES engineers managed the rural design project involving the resurfacing of 1.5 miles of USH 141. The design plans called for milling the existing pavement and overlaying it with new asphalt pavement. We evaluated intersections for deficient acceleration/deceleration lengths, and T-intersections for potential bypass lane additions to provide a safer roadway. In addition, the design incorporated a 4,000-foot climbing lane addition to southbound USH 141 to safely accommodate slower moving vehicles.