Oneida 54 One Stop Replacement, Oneida, WI

MS2 staff worked as the general contractor on the design/build of a $2.6 million Oneida 54 One-Stop convenience store. MS2 staff provided carpentry and construction management services for this single-story structure and fueling station.

MS2 staff focused on providing an environmentally friendly building and incorporated many LEED features including: native plants in the landscaping to eliminate the need for an irrigation system and save on water costs; natural daylighting with solar tubes in the retail sales floor; and recycled material content and as much of the building construction disposal materials as possible.

The MS2 team designed the facility to look like an old train depot to fit into the surrounding landscape established as the “Old Oneida” commercial area. MS2 staff finished the interior of the building with earth tone paints, ceramic tiles, and has a center ceiling feature with decorative tiles.
The project was fast tracked and started in the fall of 2015. The client stressed the importance of having the facility operational by the Pow Wow in July. The MS2 team was able to turn the building over a month ahead of schedule and under budget.

As the site was previously a gas station, the MS2 team monitored ground contaminants and provided cleanup services as needed.