Fencing at Marine Forces Reserve Center, Fort Snelling, MN

MS2 was the prime contractor for this design/build project for construction of a new perimeter chain-link security fence system with 1-foot high, three-strand barbed wire with black PVC coating, and reinforced steel cabling meeting K4 rating. The fence incorporated multiple vehicular access gates with an underground electrical installation for new CAC card reader and CCTV systems. The MS2 team designed the vehicle and pedestrian gates with black PVC coating.

For enhanced security and anti-terrorism force protection requirements, MS2 team designed and installed the chain-link fence, gates, and bollards in accordance with the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-022-03, Marine Corps Physical Security Program Manual (MCO 5530.14A) for the Marine Forces Reserve Center, Fort Snelling (Building N2). For added security measures, a project option was also awarded and MS2 completed the installation of a 16-channel, 2TB HDD digital video recorder site surveillance system. The newly-constructed, removable bollard system provides the Marines with added security at the base.