Arc Flash Hazard Analyses at McAlester AAP and Blue Grass and Pine Bluff Arsenals

Under contract with the US Army Joint Munitions Command, MS2 is performing arc flash hazard analyses (AFHA) at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Pine Bluff Arsenal, and the Blue Grass Arsenal. Arc flash hazard analyses are mandated by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).
MS2’s scope of the safety consulting services is to perform the AFHA fence-to-fence on all installation buildings meeting the requirements for AFHA. MS2 performed the AFHA on nearly 2,000 structures across the three installations.

MS2 provided an electrical engineer to perform arc flash calculations based on computational methods and performed a baseline hazard assessment of each site’s electrical equipment and their arc flash programs. Each installation’s electrical equipment was evaluated and labeled appropriately, followed by survey and assessment of transformers and associated buildings/structures. MS2 documented the audit of the each installation’s arc flash program, addressing documented principles and procedures, training, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other pertinent items.

When the survey showed that equipment was at the end of its useful life or in a non-compliant condition, MS2 documented the condition and recommended methods to bring the equipment back into compliance. MS2 also assessed electrical panels for the presence of explosives in areas identified by the government personnel onsite.