Ocean Center AHU Replacement

Project Name: Ocean Center Air Handling Units Replacement
Owner: A.M. Weigel Construction, Inc.
Contact Name: Dwight Pickett
Phone Number: 386-257-6691
Architect: Hall & Ogle Architects, Inc.
Contract Amount: $3,029,953.00
Start Date: 03/2017
Completion Date: 05/2018
Prime or Subcontractor: Subcontractor
Project Location: 101 N. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32118
Schedule: On
Budget: On
Description: This project involved the demolition and replacement of nine air handling units (AHUs) and four roof top fans—all requiring pick and placement 80 feet above finished floor. GMC removed electrical, fire alarms, and lighting as well as all HVAC equipment, piping, ductwork, and existing catwalk handrails. GMC furnished and installed nine AHUs and VFDs, four roof top fans, three 2.5M BTU AHU boilers, and 41 reheat coils with 304 stainless steel ductwork.