General Mechanical Corporation has extensive experience on active school campuses within the district, and throughout the state of Florida. Over half of our work every year occurs on school campuses, including public schools, colleges, and universities. We understand the specific safety and security requirements for school facilities. On our school projects we coordinate all aspects of the construction project with school facility representatives. This ensures that the school can remain fully operational throughout the construction phase while not impeding the current function or daily operations of the facility.

We have experience with innovative technology, green HVAC equipment, and energy efficient chilled water systems. Due to the installation of efficient piping and equipment we have been able to save Owners significant costs in ongoing utility and maintenance fees. One of our completed HVAC renovation projects for Volusia County earned the school board close to $200,000 in energy rebates from Progress Energy due to the efficient system design and proper installation. As your contractor we will work with the design team to identify the most efficient systems and the solution that will provide the best value for you.