High Cliff State Park Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Replacement, Harrison, WI

High Cliff State Park is near the northeast corner of Lake Winnebago and hosts historical and archaeological features such as Native American effigy mounds. Campgrounds and facilities are served by shallow, seasonal water mains and sanitary sewers that connect to the Village of Sherwood’s water and wastewater utilities.

The park’s sewers and mains have required excessive maintenance and no longer meet performance requirements. In 2012, a sanitary sewer study was
performed by others that identified 2,750 LF as high priority for repair/replacement and 3,850 feet as second priority. Another 8,500 LF of water main also needed repair/replacement.

OTIE reviewed the sanitary sewer study and found that trenchless cured-in- place-pipe (CIPP) technology could be used to repair over 5,100 LF of sewer to avoid areas of historical and archaeological interest. The water main system, however, required removal and replacement. To minimize disturbance to the historical and archaeological areas, OTIE designed the replacement of over 2,700 LF in the same trench as the preexisting system..