Domestic Hot Water System Repairs, Military Family Housing, Misawa AB, Japan

As a prime contractor on a $950M A-E Design and Construction Services IDIQ contract, provided mechanical and electrical engineering design services for the replacement of 12 domestic hot water central plant systems that serve military family housing (MFH) units in 12 neighborhoods on base to improve reliability, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the installation’s dependency on central steam service. Designed replacements for existing steam-fired domestic hot water heating systems with new electric heat pump heating systems and upgraded existing Energy Management Control System (EMCS) equipment. Also provided plumbing, structural, and civil design services.

Our design process involved careful coordination and consideration of construction methods to minimize disruption of ACM and to maintain uninterrupted system operation during construction. Our design of the new domestic hot water heating systems improves energy efficiency by eliminating the use of base steam, which is not an efficient means to distribute energy especially in the summer when there are no base space heating loads.