IH35 Checkpoint C29 Concrete Paving Repairs, Laredo, TX

The Laredo, TX border crossing has the highest volume of truck traffic of all US/Mexico border crossings. The Border Patrol Traffic Checkpoint on IH 35 North, 29 miles north of Laredo, had concrete pavement failure at several locations due to the high volumes of truck traffic. The Border Patrol identified areas urgently requiring removal of the existing concrete and replacement with a new pavement section. The work area was confined to Truck Lanes 5 and 6 and only one of the two lanes could be closed at any time. The work included the construction of a new asphalt temporary lane for traffic diversion during concrete paving repairs.

MS2 performed the following:

  • Removed approximately 4,173 square feet of the existing concrete and base materials from 11 separate locations to approximately 28 inches below the existing pavement surface
  • Disposed of removed materials off-site
  • Compacted the subgrade
  • Placed approximately 18 inches of 2,500-psi flowable fill in excavated areas
  • Installed concrete reinforcement, doweled into the surrounding existing concrete pavement
  • Placed 10 inches of 4,500 psi high-early-strength concrete, finished to match existing pavement.

The new concrete cured for seven days prior to opening the lane to traffic. After approximately 30 days of curing, all concrete joints were sealed with an elastomeric, self-leveling polyurethane sealant. All work conformed to Texas Department of Transportation specifications.