Border Patrol Station, Checkpoint, and Del Rio Air Unit Upgrades, Del Rio, TX

The Border Patrol Station and Highway 277 Traffic Checkpoint were experiencing operational problems with several facilities features, including exterior siding hail damage; door, window, and roof leaks; and damage and wear to interior and exterior facilities components.

At the Station and Checkpoint facilities, MS2 performed the following:

  • Installation of roof hatch safety railing systems
  • Repair of hail-damaged building exterior
  • Resealing of windows, doors, and concrete hardscape joints
  • Replacement of carpet and cove base
  • Replacement of sinks and counter
  • Replacement of two sallyport gates
  • Replacement of a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system
  • Repainting of exterior doors and frames
  • Installation of locksets
  • Refinishing of interior doors and frames
  • Interior painting and repainting of steel framing
  • Replacement of exterior doors
  • Replacement of vinyl composition tiles and cove base
  • Installation of a service window counter and interior corner guards
  • Repair and painting of existing exterior wooden ramp components
  • Application of liquid membrane roof coatings on the roofs of three existing metal-roofed, pre-engineered metal buildings

At the Air Unit, this project included installation of two closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras; replacement of the CCTV digital video recorder; installation of new security door hardware; installation of Intrusion Detection System (IDS) switches on three hangar bay doors; and removal of abandoned compressed air distribution lines in the hangar bays.